The Sessions

Maternity Photography

These once and a lifetime moments while you are with child are often forgotten as a perfect time for portraits to remember this special time as your body changes with new life inside. Most portraits are scheduled after your 32nd week to get the famous belly shots. We can also schedule shoots to document the entire process, typically starting at the 3rd or 4th month and each month till the end, and complete with a storyboard showing your progression.

Newborn Photography

Because this magical stage of life passes in the blink of an eye, newborn portraits are captured during the first two weeks of life (5-10 days being best time) while your little one is still well-fed, sleepy and content. Cosmic Frogs Photography will keep your due date on file and stay in touch with you as the exciting day approaches, making adjustments to fit you in at just the perfect time. Newborns are captured alone, usually in simple onesies, swaddled in your favorite blanket, or in their baby birthday suit (your choice).

4 Month Photography

Time has passed swiftly and your newborn has devolped into a little person whose responses to the world make for some treasured moments. Baby is lifting their head as they are checking out their world, smiling and drooling and happy as can be. We continue to play with baby with hats and headbands and cute little props to bring out the cuteness and smiles in them. It’s also another time to capture the bonding going on between parents and baby.

This session is planned between 3 and 4 months, when baby is holding their head up well on their own.

7 Month Photography

When baby is ready for sitting, but not yet on the go, we will capture him/her at the roly-poly happy phase, when those big grins and belly laughs are lighting up your life. Sitting babies make the absolute best models since they cannot crawl away and are easily amused with peek-a-boo and squeaky toys. Portraits at this stage capture the beginnings of those dynamic personalities that will be with you forever, and give a glimpse into a small person interacting with their environment as only those small bundles of delight can.

This session is planned between 6 and 7 months, when baby is sitting up well with out wobbling or falling over.

One Year Photography

With a penchant for partying and hands ready to dive into that birthday cake, the first birthday is a greatly anticipated milestone in every family. At this age, your toddler will be interacting in lots of fun ways which sometimes leave even parents in need of a nap. Standing, walking and ready to take on the world, we document that infectious energy and charisma that brings so much light (and sometimes surprise) into your life. At the end of this session you can include our famous ‘Trash the Cake’ set with a custom cake for your child to enjoy.